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Download brochures of our ranges to find out more information about our products.

Commercial Range

Ace Architectural Panels Pre-Finished Compressed Fibre Cement Commercial Range of panels are coated in a HighPerformance two pack Fluoropolymer resin base system.

Street Appeal Residential Range

Ace Architectural Panels Pre-finished 8mm Fibre Cement Street Appeal Range of panels are coated in a High Performance two pack Fluoropolymer resin base system.

Soffit and Eaves Lining Range

ACE Architectural Panels Pre Finished Fibre Cement Commercial Soffit and Eaves Linings Range of Panels are coated in a Inflonito High Performance two pack Fluoropolymer resin base system.

Ventura Timber / MDF Range

Ace Architectural Panels Ventura Timber Range provides you with options for your Internal and External Ply, and MDF products. With a standard range of sizes and the ability to custom cut, slot, perforate and finish to site requirements.

Ace-com Aluminium Composite Range

Ace Architectural Panels Ace-com range of panels are an Aluminium Composite Panel coated in a PVDF Coating System.

Ceiling Tile Range

Ace Architectural Ceiling Tile panels are a range of Ceiling tiles to suit Grid style ceiling systems. Including Moisture Impervious Ceiling Tile’s and a range of decorative panels to suit any exposed grid system.